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The Tides of Avarice


It's something all pirates are taught when they're small, but too many of them forget:
Never get on the wrong side of a librarian.

Especially if the librarian is a lemming !


Three worlds are in immediate danger!

And unfortunately one of them is yours.

After the mysterious kidnapping of his eccentric grandfather, Sagandran Sacks sets out on a rescue mission.

"Every now and then a fantasy novel comes along that seems to have the lot - adventure, romance, page- turning suspense, wild imagination and that rarest of commodities, a genuine good spirit - and John Dahlgren's huge, sprawling, immensely readable epic The Tides of Avarice is one such. It is constantly inven- tive, peopled by a wonderful array of larger-than-life characters, full of edge-of-the-seat excitement and did

Breathless suspense, helter-skelter adventure and riotous good humor - all the trademarks of a John Dahlgren story are here in abundance.

Comming soon !